Our Website is build up pretty simple and completely free. If there still happen to be questions either way, feel free to contact us directly we will answer as fast as possible and you should get a direct reply in 24h.

Here are some commonly asked questions including their answers:

    Q: Can i use those pictures for my project?

    A: Sure, go for it!


    Q: My account cant be found on the Member list.

    A: To be visible on the member list you have to confirm your email adress.


    Q: How do i confirm my email?

    A: just login onto your email and check if you got an email from the Pure Network and click onto the link in the email


    Q: When i upload a picture, does the picture still belong to me?

    A: Yes you can delete your picture whenever you like too, but once you uploaded it anybody can use it for free as long as they downloaded it from this website.


    Q: I can’t upload my picture, it just loads to infinity. What can i do?

    A: Contact our support.


If those answers didnt help you, you can message us directly via our Support Service: Support Center